Who is Stone Era

Hi, I am Manon,

First, let me start by saying that Stone Era is a “one woman show”. From start to now, this was my passion and my doing!

Being a Reiki Master (years ago), I believe in the power of natural stones and mineral influences.  Not surprising that I was the child who would have pet rocks and refused to let them go and the one with probably the biggest collection of marbles in the neighborhood, which I still have today. All make sense now!   I select my stones using high standard and purchase high quality material. My creation are all designed by myself and made with natural stone and genuine leather.

Although my line of creation do not require big machinery, there is a skill sets that is require to ensure top quality.

Back in 2013 I was looking for a bracelet and after many searches, I found that people were taking advantage of people.  They were over priced and when I did in fact receive my bracelet, the quality was minimal.  It is then that I decided to make one for myself.  I found good quality beads within Canada and taught myself the weaving process, which a good quality end product requires a lot of skills. People started asking me where I bought it.  So I started making them for friends and friends of friends.

I then started to design new models and seek high quality material and learned new techniques. In 2014, I applied to be a local artist on the Ottawa Byward Market and was approved.  Back then when I started Stone Era on the Byward Market, not one seller had natural stone bracelets. Even so, I refused to over charge and have had the same price for years now even with the cost of material going up.  I want stone era to be available for everyone.  That is my goal.

I admit, at first my skills were limited, but they and I have grown so much since.  After realizing that my passion was shared, I learned new skills and techniques and decided that Stone Era was my priority.

Since 2014 I have mastered the weaving process, in 2016 I mastered the “knotting” process and I have expended my skills.

Although my pieces are unisex, my early collection was definitely more geared and designed with women in mind.

In 2015, while on the Ottawa Byward Market I was approached by a men who mentioned that it was unfortunate that most people doing jewelry would not consider the “men” audience. I offered to make him a few pieces with what I had on hand that day.  Before no time, he would come back to add to his collection and I had some of his friends asking for specific pieces.  It is at that time that I started designing a men only collection called “Just for Him” and selected natural stones most seek my men based on their pass requests.  Since then, I have continued to add to my collection and make special requests when size is an issue.  The men now represent at least 40% of my clientele.

As a domino effect, last year, after many special orders and requests, I launched the “Tiny Buddha” collection, designed with little ones in mind (six years old and older).  This has proven again to be appreciated by many.

Over the last years, I have grown my business to be well recognized and seek in the Ottawa, Toronto and Montreal region.  I actually have many overseas clients as well.  I have participated in numerous judged handmade events including the signature shows, the Museum of Civilization, the Nepean Sportplex and many more.

I thrive on offering top of the line quality and do so with a guarantee, my pieces come in a personalized pouch, a definition of the stones and symbols and a business card that acts as a guarantee.

Stone Era is my passion and many regard my product as a favorite.  May we cross path.

Stay well