I’m Manon, the creator and founder of Stone Era. I have always been interested in natural stones and the properties they offer. If I think back of my childhood, I was the type of child that would collect rocks and marbles. Make sense now ;-). Actually I still have my marbles collection! When I became a Master Reiki almost 10 years ago this brought my interest for natural healing to a higher level. I started studying the natural properties and benefits of stones and crystals.
3 years ago I was looking for a copper bracelets to ease my shoulder pain (due to multiple operations). Not able to find a fashionable bracelet, I decided to create one myself. Without realizing it, this began my wonderful Stone Era journey.
If you are looking for a customize Bracelet, please do not hesitate to contact me and I will do my best to accommodate your needs.

An example of some of the custom orders
An example of some of the custom orders

A few example of custom orders. Do not hesitate to contact me if you want to discuss. Manon    

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