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Aroma therapy and why I like it.

If you are like me and love essential oil, you will definitely appreciate the “aroma therapy” collection. I use essential oil daily, either in a diffuser, in a long hot bath, in my car or simple by wearing it on myself.  Having a bracelet to help me do that is a blessing.

I have to say I have a weakness for Sage essential oil, we all have our favorite, mine is Sage.   I find their quality to be one of the best out there.  And no, I am not affiliated with them in any way.  I just love my all Canadian Sage  essential oils.  Which ever you choose, do try to go with all natural product, after all, I will be in direct contact with your skin.

Essential oils are always my “go to” and first choice when I have a headache, if I am stress, need to sleep better or simply need to relax.

Like many at first, years ago, I could not grasp how a natural oil developed and used for thousands years could have the effect of a Tylenol!  I was probably one of our biggest skeptic person out there!  From headaches to keeping mosquitoes away, I use them all!

I guess essential oil are somewhat like stones! Not everyone believe in them, although copper has been used for years for arthritic, amber for baby teething and the list goes on!

Now you can carry your oil with you, on your bracelet or necklace.

Want to change oil? Wait until it does not smell anymore (depending on oil, 2-4 days) or wash it with a natural soap and apply the new one once dry.

That easy.

Other material can absorb essential oil, wood and leather are a good example, however, after many years using it, I do find lava to be the most effective option out there!  Porous lava stone holds the scent wonderfully.  Such a favorite by many is the reason why I have created so many different ones over the last  7 years.  Want to see the full collection? Click here.

From the protection of lava combined with the calming amazonite, it is hard not to find a combination you will not like.

Many people have told me they no longer use perfume finding they favour all-natural essential oil vs some synthetic perfume.  Personally, I still wear my perfume and add a “what I need today” oil on my bracelet or necklace.