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108 bead mala made of 8mm tiger and turquoise with tassel


TIGER EYE:Tiger Eye is symbolic of grounding energies to the earth. Wear a tiger eye stone for clarity and to empower manifestation of your dreams. A definite stone for the doers and not the dreamers of this world. The tiger eye stone will help you define, understand and accomplish your desired actions. An excellent grounding stone, it is perfect for people that have problem concentrating and understanding one’s path or to simply help discern between wishes and needs by providing clarity of intention. By promoting all these aspects in your life, it goes without saying that the tiger eye stone is beneficial to self-esteem and willpower, combined with the courage and strength of a tiger!

Turquoise has always been regarded as a pledge of true affection and is also attributed with the power to astray evil by wearing it.

In relation to chakra, blue and green represents the throat chakra (throat and lungs) and is associated with knowledge, health and decisiveness.

Blue and green are the colours of the spirit and relates to self-expression, speech, communication and the ability to verbalise your needs and requirements. Think of it as the spirit of truth and purpose. Blue is a mentally relaxing colour and has the peace-making effect on the nervous system and brings great relaxation – ideal for sleep problems, and hyper-active children.

LÒEIL DE TIGRE: est symbolique d’un enracinement directement relies aux énergies de la terre. Porter  l` œil de tigre pour bien identifier vos rêves avec le pouvoir de les manifester. L `oeil de tigre et définitivement une pierre pour les grand réalistes et accomplisseurs de ce monde et non pas pour les rêveurs! La pierre oeil de tigre vous aidera à définir, comprendre et accomplir vos actions souhaitées.


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