Sale! Hematite with Crystal
Hematite with Crystal

Made of 6mm hematite   Today’s healers agree, crystals are believed to resonate at the level of the individual’s needs. Clear crystals open the mind and heart to higher guidance allowing thoughts to be transmitted into actions. HEMATITE. The high … Continued

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Sale! Sea Agate
Sea Agate

Agate encourages a sense of reality and pragmatic thinking. Agate is beneficial in self-analysis and uncovering hidden circumstances that might interfere with well-being. It promotes self-acceptance and confidence, encouraging the speaking of one’s own truth. Agate overcomes negativity and bitterness … Continued

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Sale! Jasper and white turquoise
Jasper and white turquoise

Jasper balances the Yin-Yang energies and also balances the physical, intellectual and emotional bodies with their etheric energies (Etheric: “human energy field” or aura). Jasper stabilizes the aura, providing a cleansing effect to smooth dysfunctional energies and eliminating negative energies. … Continued

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Grounded – Rain forest Jasper
Grounded – Rain forest Jasper

Although often associated to luck. The elephant also symbolizes loyalty, strength, wisdom, longevity and peacefulness.  In Indian culture, elephants are a symbol of mental strength and responsibility.  The large ears mean he is a patient listener. His small eyes are … Continued

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Hematite with Elephant
Hematite with Elephant

HEMATITE. The high iron content found in hematite (almost 70%) made hematite a popular healing stone for blood-related disorders while offering a strong grounding energy.  Overall, hematite brings a quality of energy that is powerful, strong and grounding. It works … Continued

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Meditation bracelet
Meditation bracelet

Plated made of 6mm plated stainless Symbols Many will say that a “Buddha” is said for one who has attained “Bodhi”. Which means wisdom, the perfect state where intellectual and ethical states met and become one. Buddha literally means “Enlighten … Continued

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Sale! Labradorite Semicolon
Labradorite Semicolon

LABRADORITE.  The typical colour of Labradorite is Pale green, blue, colourless, grey-white: with iridescent blue or gold flashes.  It has within it a deeply felt resonance that is very powerful, and it can be used to bring amazing changes to … Continued

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Sale! Rose Quartz Semicolon
Rose Quartz Semicolon

Rose quartz is often called the “Love Stone` or `Universal Love Stone` it is believed to purify and open the heart chakra and promote love granting an overall feeling of peace. Calming and reassuring, it helps to comfort in times … Continued

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Sale! Lava Stone Semicolon (6mm)
Lava Stone Semicolon (6mm)

A stone of protection, strength and fertility, Lava Stone provides stability in times of change. It often helps to dissipate anger and provide guidance and understanding especially during the grieving process. A very grounding stone, black Lava strengths our connection … Continued

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Sale! Tiger Eye Semicolon
Tiger Eye Semicolon

Tiger Eye is symbolic of grounding energies to the earth. Wear a tiger eye stone for clarity and to empower manifestation of your dreams. A definite stone for the doers and not the dreamers of this world. The tiger eye … Continued

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Sale! White Turquoise semicolon
White Turquoise semicolon

White turquoise is known to dissolve negative thoughts and actions that result in self-sabotage.  Emotionally white turquoise is a great stone to stabilize mood swings and promote inner calm.  Physically this amazing stone is also said to minimize depression or … Continued

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Sale! Windfall – Bronzite
Windfall – Bronzite

Inhale confidence. Exhale doubt. That is the best way to express Bronzite.  A protective warrior stone, the Bronzite crystal is often associated with boosting self-confidence and the strength and courage to follow through with your desired outcome.  Wear bronzite and … Continued

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